Wall Painting


Nothing keeps your house looking fresh like a new coat of paint.  Updates interior colors not only add style and value but also can protect your greatest investment, your home.  We have the knowledge and ability needed to provide a high quality, professional finish to all your homes paint surfaces. 


Exterior Paint

Maintaining your home’s exterior paint finish helps to protect your homes natural wood building products like; siding, eaves, soffits, facias, doors and trim.  In Houston, the ground is constantly settling which causes movement in your foundation.  This movement causes caulking to crack and expose the interior of your home to water penetration leading to interior water damage and moisture growth.  These problems can lead to tens of thousands of dollars of damage to your home while drastically reducing your homes resale value.  A freshly caulked and painted home not only protects your home from water penetration but helps to keep insects out and heated and cooled air in.  Whether you need a whole house paint job or simply need to touch up failing caulked areas.  Let Cahal Construction show you how to care for your home’s exterior paint finishes. 


Interior Paint

A new coat of paint can revive any room in your home.  At Cahal Construction we use the highest quality paint products in the market today to ensure that your interior paint will look fabulous for years to come.  We also provide professional design and color consultation with a design consultant to ensure that you chose just the right the right color for your project.  So if you need some small touch up or a whole house interior paint job.  You can trust the pros at Cahal Construction. 



Painting baseboards, door casings, crown moldings or other decorative moldings can bring a fresh and elegant look to any room in your home.  Allow Cahal Construction to refresh your home’s existing trim while offering our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 


Cabinetry Paint

Painting existing cabinetry is the easiest way to update your kitchen or bathroom and give your home a more modern look.  Why spend thousands to remodel when you can renovate your existing kitchen or bathroom.  Whether you want to repaint your existing finish or to paint over your existing stain.  Cahal Construction has the knowledge, skills and abilities to provide you with a high quality durable cabinet paint finish. 



Whether you need a fresh coat of paint on your interior doors or you need your front door refinished.  Cahal Construction has the tools and expertise needed to complete your project. No job is too big or small for the trained professions at Cahal Construction. 


Decks and Fences

Painting and staining your decks and fences is critical in extending the life of your natural wood products.  A fresh stained fence and deck can bring your yard and garden back to life.  The pros at Cahal Construction can help you determine how to properly restore your, patio or fence.


With over 9 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We provide a professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

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