This was a kitchen renovation on an outdated kitchen.  The original kitchen had a suspended ceiling with the ceiling panels being fluorescent lighting panels.  Therefore the entire ceiling was a fluorescent light!! I had never seen anything like it.  There was also a glass wall, also very outdated, that was between the kitchen and the breakfast room.  The customer wanted it opened up so the view of the pool could be seen from the kitchen.  So we tore out the old ceiling and retextured and painted all the ceilings to match.  We added a built in fridge adding a wine rack, matched the existing counter top material and added a new bar area where the old glass wall once existed.  We painted the cabinets and the walls and tadah we have an updated kitchen.


Project Type Residential
Client Houston, TX
Completion Date January 2016
Designed and Developed by Kotchaparn Wongkor